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As I pointed out in “Meet Your Therapist” the journey of becoming a healer or of anyone endeavoring in spiritual growth involves self-knowledge.


To me the ancient Greek aphorism of “Know Thyself” has become “Know Thy Selves”.

Personal Self Integration (PSI)

“Our physical health,


emotional balance,


mental clarity,


spiritual connection,


expression of talents,


and interpersonal relationships


are strongly affected by the


intrapersonal relationships


of the Selves in our personality.”


    Harvey & Julie Grady

General Outline


The above diagram gives a general outline of the structure of the personality.


The Outer Self is the only conscious aspect and all others, save the superconscious aspect, the High Self, are subconscious.


Briefly stated the Male and Female Selves represent what we stereotypically associate with masculine and respectively feminine qualities. The Astral Judge Self can roughly be likened to the inner child and the Mental Judge Self could be considered the inner critic. The Body Self oversees the bodily functions and can be a great ally when dealing with health issues.


The High Self or Guardian Angel represents our connection to Higher Consciousness.


Each aspect pursues its own agenda leaving the personality as a whole unfocused and torn in too many directions.


Working with the Model


Personal Self Integration is a powerful tool for transformation. Through a simple process of guided meditation you can meet all these aspects and build a relationship with them through inner dialogue. The better you get to know them, the better you understand what makes you tick.


So in any circumstance that arouses feelings of ill ease, you can go directly to the source. You can find out whether your Female Self does not get enough praise or your Male Self feels inadequate to perform a certain task. Maybe your Mental Judge Self fears losing control or your Astral Judge Self is not having enough fun? Does your Body Self want to spend more time in nature?


Once you have found the source of your apprehension you can dialogue with that Self and help resolve the issue.


Personal Self Transformation (PSI)


The objective of PSI is to get all subconscious aspects and the Outer Self to work together on a common goal under the tutelage of the High Self. This in essence means helping each Self face its fears. It is a path of self-discovery worth every effort.


The rewards are priceless. As fears diminish and all the aspects start working more closely in unison you experience increased inner harmony, clarity and self-empowerment.


The beauty of PSI is that it does not require a preset belief system. It does not come with dogma, rules and regulations. It is not a shortcut but a more expedient method for transformation. It is by no means easy but elegantly simple. The tools required are mainly patience and persistence.


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