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Bio-Energy Session

Energy Medicine:


There are numerous modalities under the umbrella of energy work, each with its own terminology and approach. And I don’t believe one is superior to another. For me personally Polarity Therapy provided me with the best context within which to develop and shape my healing abilities.


What matters most in this discipline is the practitioner’s link with Higher Consciousness, her willingness to recognize her intuition and her courage to act on it thus taking responsibility in the process of co-creation.


The application of Bio-Energy affects the etheric body (the blueprint for the physical body) first and foremost. (For more information of the human Bio-Energy field, see Blog)


A session usually entails balancing the chakra system, clearing blocked energetic pathways and at times “upgrading” existing ones. A new etheric template, e.g., provides a higher order of etheric force and can restructure joints and organs.


Fee: $125 - 75 minutes


Schedule a session:


These sessions can also be done remotely.  Fee: $60 - 30 minutes; $80 - 45 minutes

Vibratory Medicine

I have learned in the course of my education to imbue water with intention. It works

similar to high-powered classical homeopathic remedies in that there are no physical molecules in the concoction, just energy and they are made specifically tailored for one person and not mass produced.


Typically I ask Higher Consciousness to supply the energetic configuration needed at the time. This supplies most often the etheric body with an energetic imprint and has a ratchet effect over time.


These drops supply a gentle way to simplify the subtle energy bodies.


I also make drops designed for specific purposes, rebalancing the Nervous System, e.g.


This medicine is made at the New Moon of each month. The drops are taken daily with water and last through one lunar cycle.


Fee: $80




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