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Raleigh Energy Medicine, NST,

Vera Marquardt, PhD, RPP

After leaving the academic world in 1995 where I had cultivated my passion for learning and acquired a PhD in Mathematics, I ventured into contemplating infinity from a different angle.


Logic had taken me as far as it could; it was now time to let intuition speak.


I turned to the study of esoteric healing and exploring the mysteries of the unseen universe.

Like many others I began my journey of becoming a healer with a certification in Massage Therapy (LMBT #994) and was soon drawn to deepen my knowledge in the alternative healing modalities. My search for the underlying cause of physical ill health led me to study the human energy field and various techniques of hands-on healing.


I became certified in Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Neurostructural Integration Technique® (NST), Touch for Health, continued my studies in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Medical Intuition and many other modalities.


Along with the realization that perfect health is not the end result of finding the miracle cure but a creative process, a journey of becoming whole, so too I came to find that being an effective healer is not a function of being able to deliver the perfect technique but a continual process of growth and learning through the guidance of my internal teachers and spiritual guides.


This insight has brought me back to my passion for sharing my knowledge as I now view my healing practice.


I attribute most of my discoveries to the practice of Personal Self Integration (more about this on another page). It is a profound transformational tool of self-knowledge which has allowed me to uncover many techniques that to my knowledge are not taught in the various schools for energy medicine.


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