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Energy Anatomy


There is more to anatomy than “…and the hip bone is connected to the neck bone.”


Just as we thought we had it all figured out – and we do have a pretty detailed understanding of physical anatomy – we are slowly coming to the realization that we haven’t even gotten to the tip of the iceberg. Try as we might we cannot find a location in the brain where memories are stored, or where thoughts come from, i.e. the place where the mind lives – and it should be somewhere in the brain, right? Neither does there seem to be a location in the body where emotions originate. Frustrating as that might be to the conventional scientist, to the energy worker it is no mystery at all.


Neither mind nor emotions are located in the physical body, but each does have an effect upon it. Much like a singing wind chime indicates the presence of wind, but the wind is not located in the wind chime.


To the energy worker everything is comprised of energy and/or light. There are no other ingredients, just infinite variations on the same theme. There are different vibrations, densities, frequencies, qualities of energy, but it’s still all energy.


The human being is far more than just a physical body. As a matter of fact, from a certain perspective, the physical body is the least important part. It is the only “mortal” part. But we’ll get to that later.


So energies come in different densities and the physical variety is the densest one. A slightly less dense or more subtle form is the etheric energy, again more subtle is the astral and then the mental energy. It goes on and on getting more and more subtle, but these are the main ones we’re concerned with now.


Hence, the human being is comprised of a physical body, an etheric body, an astral body and a mental body, listed in decreasing density of energy.


The etheric body is the blueprint from which the physical body is formed, and most energy work affects the etheric body directly, and thus the physical body, indirectly. The chakra system, acupuncture meridians and other energy pathways are to be found in the etheric body, not the physical body.


The astral body or emotional body is the place our friends the emotions call home. Astral energy is very powerful, as everyone has experienced at one time or another: a good belly laugh can cure a headache, and the shock of terror can, literally, take your breath away.


Continuing on the path to subtlety we encounter the mental body, where, finally, we find our minds and belief systems. I said astral energies are very powerful but what about mental energies? It is the mind that decides what’s funny and what’s terror, hence, the previously mentioned emotional reactions really originate here. So who’s more powerful? I’ll leave that up to you.

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