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Bodywork Sessions


Neuro-Structural Integration Technique, NST®


NST® uses certain sequences of soft tissue manipulation to initiate a process of auto-regulation starting in the spinal column and consequently moving throughout the whole body.


The body naturally seeks balance and attempts to correct dysfunctions. This kind of soft tissue osteopathy simply gives it a starting place. As a consequence the results are frequently nothing less than miraculous.


I like to compare the effect of NST® to rebooting a computer; the computer being the neuro-muscular structure of the body.


As the body systematically rebalances over the course of a week following a session conditions not specifically addressed can also resolve.


NST is a gentle, noninvasive therapy and as such can be safely applied to an extensive range of conditions and persons at various stages of good or ill health.


For me personally it is more effective than chiropractic adjustments for my occasional low back problems and has helped resolve my TMJ dysfunction.


An NST session may last anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the individual and their presenting symptoms.


While substantial relief is frequently experienced after the first session, long-term resolution is generally attained after the second or third session. Certain chronic or degenerative conditions may benefit from further or ongoing attention.


Fee: $90 full session

       $50 monthly tweaks

       $140 two concurrent sessions (bring a friend)


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CranioSacral Therapy


I debated whether or not to place this modality under Bio-Energy Medicine, since that's the approach I take and I incorporate it in a general Bio-Energy session. But here it is (for now).


CranioSacral Therapy focuses on balancing and strengthening the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid which is vital for the proper functioning of all systems of the body, especially the autonomic nervous system.


Obstructions in this flow can be caused by tension, falls, surgery, misalignment of the spine and cranial bones.

Through gentle touch these blockages can be released and normal flow restored.


Works well in conjunction with NST.


Fee: $100 - 1 hour


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Raindrop Technique


Strictly speaking the Raindrop Technique falls under the umbrella of Aroma Therapy and does not (yet) qualify as a massage technique but that’s pretty much what it entails. A specific assortment of Essential Oils is drop-wise applied to the spine and then massaged into the skin. The same oils are then applied to both feet using the “Vitaflex” method designed to stimulate nerve endings. Most of the essential oils used have antibacterial and/or anti-fungal properties and thus this technique greatly aids in detoxification. It not only feels good and is very relaxing but also smells delicious!


Fee: $100 ~ 1hour


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