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Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy is a complete natural health care system.


It's founder, Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), trained in then traditional Western Osteopathy discovered that physical manipulations alone would not solve his patients chronic problems.


He turned to an in-depth study of oriental health care systems and modern and ancient texts concerning universal life energies


The result of his extensive research culminates in Polarity Therapy. It is largely based on the oldest medical system known, the Ayurvedic* tradition.


*Sanskrit: Ayur (life), Veda (science or knowledge)

Polarity Therapy is a holistic modality in that it seeks to establish balance in the human body and its relationship with nature as a whole. It does so by unblocking energetic pathways in and off the body through various types of touch, dietary considerations and exercise.


This type of bodywork is very gentle. It encompasses different techniques such as cranial holds, rocking movements and some approaches similar to reflexology but with an energetic rather than manipulative focus. This means in essence the body is prompted to self-correct.


Both light and deep contacts may be used, but forceful manipulations are not performed in Polarity Therapy. It is therefore suitable for persons of all walks of life regardless of their state of health.


The experience of a Polarity session is pleasant and often deeply relaxing. It may also lead to emotional releases such as tears or laughter. The overall effect is usually a feeling of ease and well-being.


The bodywork aspect of this modality is difficult to describe; it needs to be experienced.

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